Made in the USA

Made in America


We are passionate about furniture making and playing our part in the Made in America movement.

Remember when there were high streets with green grocers, butchers, bakers and even some furniture makers – people who made things in their community – craftspeople who cared about what they made and knew their customers? As supermarket sized stores compete on price, they offer mass produced furniture, made from cheap materials. Hand crafted furniture has been swapped for mass produced, local materials for cheap plastics, interesting ideas for design with no depth.


At The Beautiful Bed Company we design, create and build furniture in our workshop. We use locally sourced materials that are ethical and traceable. Every piece is finished by hand. Our Artisans are highly skilled and use traditional furniture making methods. They care deeply about each and every piece they make.


When you buy from us, you are buying a piece of furniture that is made to order, that boasts heritage and has character. Please join us in celebrating American Made.

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